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Howlett's wild animal park



Howlett's wild animal parkAddress

United Kingdom

Number of animals

Over 400 animals which represent 44 species reside at Howletts Wild Animal Park.


Treetop Challenge
Head into the trees and take on 16 challenging obstacles such as cross ropes, log bridges, tyre curtains and cargo nets before ending your visit with a trip down the zip wire.

Play Area ”
Allow the kid’s to let off some steam in the playground.

*Please check the zoo’s website for prices, terms and conditions.*

The Size of the zoo

Howlett’s Wild Animal Park sits upon 36 hectares (90 acres) of land.


Damian Aspinall founder of Howlett’s Wild Animal Park was living in a small London house with his capuchin monkey, tiger and two Himalayan bears. In 1957 it became evident that the house was too small for these animals so he purchased Howlett’s Wild Animal Park. It originally acted as a home for his family and the animals.

Over time the collection of animals on the site grew and in 1975 he opened the park to the public.

During 1984 ownership of the park was transferred to The John Aspinall Foundation.

Star Animals

Jums and co.
Howlett’s is home to African elephants Jums and his family. They are members of the largest African elephant herd in the United Kingdom.

Howlett’s are famous for their gorilla’s and home to one of the largest gorilla troops in the world. To date Howlett’s and its sister park Port Lympne have bred 130 gorillas.

Main Exhibit

Walking with lemurs
Enter the enclosure where black and white ruffed lemurs roam. There is no place that you can get closer to these endangered creatures.

Open top monkey enclosure
The Park houses their monkey’s in natural enclosures with no roof which allows them to soak up the sunlight. Watch the Javan langurs as they move around the enclosure that only has minimal electric fencing to keep them in and the colobus as they jump along the poles and ropes.

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