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Mogo Wildlife Park

Mogo Wildlife Park is located in New South Wales Australia. The park is operated by Elanor Investment Group who also own Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney.


Mogo Zoo began as the Somerset Wildlife park. It first opened on Boxing Day in 1989. The park began with a collection of buffalo, phesants, peacock, kangaroo and deer. Its inception came with a half share in a piece of land and $4000 dollars.

The zoo was established by Sally Padley.

In 2019 she sold the park to Elanor Investment Group who also own Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney.

During the start of 2020 the park was surrounded by flames as bushfires ravaged Australia. Staff at the park managed to defend against the fire and no animals were lost.

In 2020 the park opened a new veterinary hospital to help with the rehabilitation of native wildlife.



New South Wales, Australia

Year Opened


Land Size

25ha (61.7acres)

Number of Animals


Number of Species


Main Exhibits

Primate Islands

The park has a lake which has a number of lakes in its centre. In these natural environs you can view siamangs, ring tailed lemurs, black and white ruffed lemurs and spider monkeys.

Gorilla Exhibit

This habitat is home to a troop of gorilla’s previously housed at Taronga Zoo in Sydney.

African savanna

The park has a range of savanna areas where they exhibit southern white rhinos, giraffes, zebras and ostrich.

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