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National Zoo and Aquarium Canberra

The National Zoo & Aquarium is located in Canberra Australia. It has been operating since 1990.

The zoo is privately owned by Richard Tindale. It is a member of the Zoo and Aquarium Association of Australasia (ZAA).


Adventure Land Playground

The adventure land playground provides the opportunity for children to explore 55 activities including a range of large animal sculptures.

Fern Gully

In the fern gully area you can walk past a range of large dinosaur statues.

Rocky Shore Touch Pool

At the rocky shore touch pool you can get hands on with some of the marine life.



Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Year Opened


Land Size

19ha (47acres)

Number of Species

200 (excluding fish)


The National Zoo and Aquarium opened on 31 May 1990 as the National Aquarium. At the time it include 30 aquariums including a large walk-through tank and outdoor ponds for trout fishing.

Due to financial struggles it was sold within 3 years of opening.

The new owner added outdoor exhibits of Australian animals along with boomerang throwing and sheep shearing displays to appeal to the tourism market.

Businessman Richard Tindale brought the National Zoo and Aquarium during 1998. At the time it was a native animal park and aquarium.

He has developed the park to include a number of big cats, bears and other animals giving them as much space as possible in their enclosures.

In December 2014 the Jamala wildlife lodge was opened so people could stay overnight at the zoo. The lodge allows guests to stay overnight in luxury accommodation overlooking the animal enclosures.

In 2017 the zoo was tripled in size with the addition of the open range area which has enclosures for large animals such as giraffe, zebra, wapiti, rhino and more.

Star Animals

Solo and Zama

Solo the cheetah was hand-reared at the National Zoo and Aquarium and has become friends with a Border Collie/Belgian Malinois named Zama with which he was raised.

Main Exhibits

The Cat Walk

Take a walk out onto this elevated boardwalk and be surrounded by enclosures for African lions including a group of white lions.

Tiger Wetlands

A boardwalk gives you views of the zoo’s Sumatran and Bengal tigers.


The aquarium features a number of species from under the sea in areas themed to look like a ship or a rocky shoreline. Some of the animals you may meet include seahorses, sharks, crabs and lungfish. The zoo’s reptile collection is also housed here with iguanas, anacondas and reticulated python on display.

Open Range Expansion

In the open range expansion the path loops around past enclosures for large animals such at the giraffe, zebra, cheetah, rhino, wapiti and lemurs.


National Zoo and Aquarium website –

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