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River Safari

River Safari is located in Mandai in Singapore. It had a soft opening in 2013 followed by the full opening in 2014.

The zoo is operated by Wildlife Reserves Singapores (WRS) who also operate Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park and Night Safari.

It is visited by roughly 1 million people each year.


Amazon River Quest

Guests can take a boat ride through a range of exhibits for South American species. The boat ride takes you along a 483m long man-made river. Over 30 species are on show for visitors to see including tapirs, anteaters, jaguar and monkeys.

River Safari Boat Cruise

A boat ride along the Upper Seltar Reservoir which is at the edge of the River Safari introduces you to some of the animals from Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari along with wild species such as herons.

River Safari




Year Opened


Land Size

12ha (30acres)

Number of Animals


Number of Species



The story of River Safari began in 1996 when it was thought the exhibit would be a freshwater aquarium which would complement the zoo and Night Safari. This idea eventually grew into the idea of the Amazon Flooded Forest habitat.

After this idea was decided upon researchers set off to aquariums worldwide and returned with the idea that the new attraction should also include the rivers of the world. This all finally came together as the idea for River Safari in 2006.

The project was first announced to the public in 2009 with an estimated completion date of 2011. Originally it was forecast to cost S$140 million. This rose to S$160 million.

The parks Giant Panda Forest habitat was opened for the visitors to the Singapore Zoo in November 2012 before the actual opening of the River Safari.

In April 2013, the zoo undertook a soft opening with some attractions still under construction. The River Safari officially opened in February 2014 with 1.1 million visitors having already visited the park between the soft and official openings.

Since the opening of the park a river gems and Mary exhibit have been added or replaced former exhibits.

Star Animals

Kai Kai and Jia Jia

Kai Kai and Jia Jia the giant pandas were given as a gift to Singapore for the next 10 years. This gift was in celebration of 20 years of Sino-Singapore relations. They were named as part of a 6 month long naming contest. Kai Kai means ‘victorious’ and Jia Jia means ‘beautiful.’


Canola, the West Indian manatee is considered the animal icon for this park. She was hand-reared by park staff after her mom was unable to care for her.

Main Exhibits

Giant Panda Forest

The home of Kai Kai and Jia Jia the giant pandas is a climate controlled biodome. Also within this space are red pandas and golden pheasants. The exhibit cost $8.6 million to construct.

Squirrel Monkey Forest

Gives you the ability to enter the enclosure and walk among a troop of cheeky squirrel monkeys.

Amazon Flooded Forest

West Indian manatees are show cased in the world’s largest freshwater aquarium. Guest can journey from top to bottom to get a full view of the enclosure. There are also exhibits for giant otters, piranha and Arapaima.

Mississippi River

This zone is home to Alligator snapping turtles and Mississippi paddlefish

Congo River

This habitat is home to some of the parks most colourful fish. These include Congo tetras, jewel cichlids and giant freshwater puffer.

River Nile

Set amongst submerged ruins are displays for African arowana, tigerfish and giraffe catfish.

Ganges River

This space is inspired by the temples along the mother ganga. Amongst these temples live Indian gharial, frog-faced softshell turtle and goonch catfish.

Mekong River

A tank as large of four double decker buses is the centre piece of this habitat. It is home to Mekong giant catfish and giant freshwater stingray. Nearby is a flooded mangrove forest with underwater viewing of their antics. You can also see lesser adjutant storks.

Yangtze River

Some of the world’s most endangered species including Chinese Alligator, giant salamander and sturgeon.

River Wonders

This introduction to freshwater habitats provides view of fish along with silvery marmosets and golden headed lion tamarins.

Mary River

Experience Queensland, Australia’s Mary River in Singapore with species such as the Australian lungfish, archerfish and the mudskipper. The habitat also includes a touch pool for species such as crabs, sea cucumber and chocolate chip sea stars.

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