Goeldi’s monkey swap places to find love

Goeldis monkey

A Goeldi’s monkey from Dudley Zoological Gardens in the United Kingdom has gone on a Spanish sojurn allowing a male from Spain to move to Dudley and be with her sister. This swap will bring together two genetically important pairs

The new male, 9 year old Santiago came from Terra Natura to join nine year old Francisco in Dudley.

Goeldis monkey

Soon Salvador the brother of San Francisco will make the move to Spain where he will meet nine year old Harper.

It is uncommon for a pair of brothers and sisters to be paired together to form two breeding pairs.

Dudley Zoo Registrar and Research Co-ordinator, Dr David Beeston said, “It is unusual to be forming two breeding pairs from a set of brothers and our two sisters but as it happens these particular boys and girls are all genetically important.”

“The exchange has been arranged by the species co-ordinator Susan O’Brien, who is based at Dublin Zoo, and it will create two valuable breeding pairs,” he added.

Keepers are impressed with how well Francisco has been settling in.

Goeldis monkey

Goeldi’s monkey’s come from the tropical forests of Columbia, Bolivia, Brazil and Peru. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists them as vulnerable due to logging, farming and mining.

These amazing little primates can make a horizontal leap of 4m.

Photo Credit: Dudley Zoo

By Cale Russell

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