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Date: August 1, 2020 10:00 am

gorge wildlife park baby dingoes and monkey

The baby dingoes and spider monkey which have been born at Gorge Wildlife Park

Photo Credit: The Animal Facts

The Gorge Wildlife Park in Adelaide, South Australia has celebrated a pair of exciting births over the last few months.

5 new babies can be seen by visitors with the birth of a black-handed spider monkey and a group of 4 dingo puppies.

The spider monkey infant.

Photo Credit: The Animal Facts

The black handed spider monkey infant was the first to arrive. It was born on May 20th 2020 to mum Aruba. This infant brings the spider monkey family at Gorge Wildlife Park up to 5 members with mum, dad (Jake) and their 2 older children making up the group.

Currently the infant can be seen clinging tightly to mum as she climbs across the logs and ropes in their habitat.

This infant is the first to be born in the new spider monkey habitat which opened earlier this year. It provides a natural looking home for the family and gives them plenty of space to explore.

The group of black handed spider monkey’s at Gorge are part of a breeding program managed by the Zoo and Aquarium Association of Australasia (ZAA) which aims to increase the number of these monkey’s.

This species hails from South America and is listed on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Red List as endangered.

The Dingo pups at Gorge Wildlife Park

Photo Credit: The Animal Facts

Elsewhere in the park the dingo pack has grown by four members. These puppies were born 1 month ago and can be seen in their den at the park.

Mum Kiera has proven to be an attentive mum and is often seen feeding the pups. Their father Ernie is a white colored dingo while mum is tan. As such the litter is made up of 3 white pups and 1 tan.

The Dingo Pups at Gorge Wildlife Park

Photo Credit: The Animal Facts

In the last few days they have taken their first steps out of the den and can now be seen exploring the enclosure with mum and dad.

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Learn more about the Gorge Wildlife Park on their website – Gorge Wildlife Park

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