Greater Kudu Calf is the Latest Arrival at Indianapolis Zoo

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Date: August 4, 2020 1:10 pm

greater kudu calf

The greater kudu calf which has been born at Indianapolis Zoo

Photo Credit: Indianapolis Zoo

Super mom Jojo, a greater kudu at Indianapolis Zoo has welcomed her 6th calf. The female calf was born in the early hours of July 20th. At birth the calf weighed 15.3kg (33.7lbs).

As an experienced mother Jojo had her baby cleaned and standing when keepers arrived for work that morning.

Keepers note that the calf is following mom and nursing well. Currently they are yet to select a name for the calf.

At present Jojo and her calf are bonding in an off-display area though they can venture in to a small yard at their barn where visitors may catch a glimpse. In the coming weeks the pair will rejoin the herd in the plains yard which includes her grandmother, Taraja.

The separation of mom from the herd prior to the birth mimics the typical life cycle of a greater kudu. In the wild a mother will leave the herd and give birth in tall grass. She will leave the calf among the grass while she grazes for the first few weeks of life only providing small amounts of care. Eventually mom and the calf will rejoin their herd and graze together.

greater kudu calf Indianapolis zoo

Jojo with her calf at the Indianapolis Zoo

Photo Credit: Indianapolis Zoo

Greater kudus are a species of antelope found in Africa. They weigh up to 272kg (600lbs) with males being larger than females.

Their coat is tan with white stripes and this coloration provides camouflage to stop them being spotted by predators.

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