Green Sea Turtle Released by SEA LIFE Sydney

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Date: February 13, 2022 12:01 am

Turtle Release SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

Lizzie the rescued green sea turtle is seen prior to her rescue from the NSW coast

Photo Credit: SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium have released their first green sea turtle for the year off of the Sydney coastline. Lizzie had been in rehabilitation at the Darling Harbour attraction.

Lizzie was found at Sutherland Point, Kurnel in New South Wales and this week after receiving approvals from the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service the aquarium's rescue team returned her to the wild.

She was found last September by volunteers from Australian Sea Bird Rescue and Abyss Scuba Diving who responded to reports of an unwell green sea turtle. They found Lizzie lethargic, dehydrated, covered in barnacles and with a slightly sunken plastron (bottom side of the shell).

Upon arrival at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium’s Animal Rescue Centre she was treated with fluids. Vets also assisted her with feeding and provided nutrition supplements every day. It took weeks of intensive care for Lizzie to begin eating on her own and gaining weight.

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Cathleen Diamond, Vet Nurse at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, said “Today was a very rewarding day for us. After caring for Lizzie for over four months, we have seen her make a full recovery. Her health has improved so significantly that we could release this beautiful green sea turtle back into the ocean.


“We are always so excited when we can assist an animal back to health, but it’s also a little bittersweet to see her go because we’ve grown so fond of Lizzie. It is incredible to see her strong, active and swimming well; we can’t wait to see her thrive in the wild again.”

It is estimated that Lizzie is young, around 5-10 years old. In the wild a green sea turtle can live for 70-80 years.

Unfortunately green sea turtles increasingly require rescue due to the impacts of plastic pollution.

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Learn more about SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium on their website – SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

Turtle Release SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

Lizzie, a rescued green sea turtle is released to the wild following rehabilitation by SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

Photo Credit: SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

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