Grizzly bear pair enjoy a day in the snow

Grizzly bear

Grizzly bear pair, Montana Scout from the San Diego Zoo were treated to a surprise in their exhibit earlier this week. A donor gifted them a habitat full of snow. Brother bears Montana and Scout started out hesitant but soon they were wrestling, running and digging in the snow.

Grizzly bear

Montana and Scout arrived at the zoo in 2007. Currently they are eight years old. The pair are known for being incredibly playful and keepers like to keep them entertained with things to explore and forage for.

Grizzly bears are so named for their brown coat which is tipped with white or tan” as the word ‘grizzly’ means ‘sprinkled or streaked with grey.’ They are one of six brown bear subspecies recognised worldwide. In the past it was believed that 86 different brown bear species could be found in North America alone.

Photo Credit: San Diego Zoo/ Ken Bohn

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