Hand-Reared Lowland Gorilla at Bristol Zoo is Named

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Date: November 20, 2020 1:15 am

bristol zoo gorilla named

Photo Credit: Jack Jones/ Bristol Zoo Gardens

The baby western lowland gorilla at Bristol Zoo Gardens has been named. The male infant will be known as Hasani. The name means ‘handsome’ in Swahili.

Four names were selected and put to a public poll to determine the winning name. The poll was seen by over 100,000 people who cast 2,000 votes to determine the winner.

Hasani is being hand-reared by keepers after he was unable to feed successfully from his mother, Kala. She was also seen to be having trouble caring for him.

The three month old gorilla has just had his first teeth emerge and his development is said to be progressing well. He currently weighs 4.48kg (9.9lbs).

Lynsey Bugg, Mammals Curator at Bristol Zoo Gardens, said: “Hasani continues to do very well, we are really pleased with his progress. His coordination is improving and he is getting stronger. He is very playful and is already proving to have a lovely temperament.”

gorilla infant bristol zoo

Hasani the gorilla with one of his carers at Bristol Zoo Gardens

Photo Credit: Bristol Zoo Gardens

He is receiving round the clock care a team of experienced keepers who feed him every three hours and are teaching him how to be a gorilla. This will continue for the next few months till he can return to the troop.

Currently he spends his days in the Gorilla house which gives the rest of the troop and his mother Kala plenty of opportunities to see, smell and be near him. This will ensure he can be accepted as part of the family group in to the future.

Kala continues to show a high level of interest in the infant. Lynsey added: “It’s really important for him that he remains a familiar member of the group, as well as being used to all the sounds, sights and smells of the gorillas.”

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At night keepers look after him in zoo owned accommodation.

Lynsey added: “He wakes for milk feeds during the night and tends to cluster feed in the evening. During the day he still sleeps a lot, but is getting very active between naps.

“We are doing lots of work to encourage development of his mobility and strength, such as helping him to scoot, roll over and pull himself up. We encourage a lot of learning through play ̶ it’s immensely rewarding to see him developing in the way an infant gorilla should.”

bristol zoo gorilla named

Photo Credit: Jack Jones/ Bristol Zoo Gardens

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