Help name the Brookfield Zoo’s new wolf pups


Earlier this year we brought you a litter of four adorable wolf pups born at Brookfield Zoo (If you missed them you can see the here – Rare Mexican wolf pups born at Brookfield Zoo | The Animal Facts). Now the three males and one female are growing up and need their names.


Already one male wolf has been named Nestor. This is in memory of Ernesta, a female wolf from Brookfield Zoo who returned to the wilds of New Mexico as part of a recovery program run by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. She had a litter of pups in the wild during 2014 but unfortunately passed away after this.

Now Nestor’s brothers and sisters need names. The zoo’s staff has chosen a selection of Spanish inspired names which they believe would suit and now want you to help narrow it down. You can cast your vote here – Wolf Names | Chicago Zoological Society.


The suggested names for the males pups are

Coronado (the name given to a pack of wolves released to the wild)
Hector (a common Spanish name)
Aldo (the name of conservationist Aldo Leopold)
Inigo (a Spanish name meaning “fiery”)
Chavo (a Spanish name)
Fausto (a Spanish name meaning “lucky”)

The suggested names for the female pup is

Magdalena (a village in New Mexico)
Artesia (a city in New Mexico)
Winona (means “first born daughter” in a Native American language)


Visitors to the Brookfield Zoo can see the pups playing and exploring the Regenstein Wolf Woods habitat Here they are slowly beginning to wean from Zana, their mum and are spending more time with Flint, their father.

Mexican wolves are an incredibly endangered species with just 10 left in the wild. It is believed that without a recovery program in zoos this species would have gone extinct by now.


Photo Credit: Chicago Zoological Society

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