Highland Wildlife Park Announces Name for Wild Horse Foal

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Date: August 9, 2020 12:45 pm

Przewalski's Horse Foal - Highland Wildlife

A Przewalski’s Horse at RZSS Highland Wildlife Park

Photo Credit: RZSS Highland Wildlife Park

Highland Wildlife Park has announced the name for their 3-month old Przewalski’s horse born in May to mom Oyun.

Members of the public were asked to suggest a name for the foal by making a donation. Keepers chose the name Bonny in honor of a volunteer who has assisted with the herd.

The campaign was able to raise £400 to support Highland Wildlife Park after lockdown put pressure on their finances.

Keith Gilchrist, animal collection manager at Highland Wildlife Park, said, “We had a lot of great suggestions and we’re so thankful to everyone who donated to our campaign.

“The name Bonny was chosen for two reasons. Firstly, because she is very bonny and secondly as a tribute to Bonny Mealand who volunteered a lot of her time helping the keepers train the herd to make things like microchipping and hoof care easier.”

The Przewalski’s horse has been brought back from extinction in the wilds of Mongolia through re-wilding and reintroduction programs. Many of the animals for these programs came from breeding projects in zoos.

Keith added, “Bonny is getting on really well and can be spotted trotting around the main reserve with the rest of the herd. Her arrival represents a potentially important contribution to the future of this endangered species.

“We’re all really excited about Bonny’s arrival and it is fantastic to be able to welcome visitors to meet her too.”

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