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Highland Wildlife Park Welcome Arctic Fox Cubs


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July 14, 2023 8:23 pm


Scotland, The United Kingdom

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland have introduced five Arctic fox cubs born at Highland Wildlife Park in May. Since birth the cubs have been growing well under the watch of parents Jack and Sarah.

Keith Gilchrist, animal collection manager at Highland Wildlife Park, said, “We were thrilled to welcome Sarah and Jack’s first litter of cubs on 9 May. Sarah has been very busy building an extensive network of tunnels and burrows and has spent a lot of time underground with the cubs in the weeks following their birth. It is fantastic to now see them growing in confidence and getting curious about the world beyond the burrows. Some lucky visitors have already been able to spot them out and about exploring their enclosure.''

“Like all the animals in our care, our Arctic foxes play an important role in attracting and engaging thousands of visitors each year so they can learn about the threats animals face in the wild and the action they can take to help. Their power to connect people with nature and encourage behaviour change is invaluable.”

Sarah was herself born at Highland Wildlife Park during 2019. She was joined by Jack during October 2022 from Rostock Zoo. This is the first litter of cubs born to the pair.

Globally the arctic fox is considered stable but localised populations are under threat. Across much of their range this species is considered unprotected but in Sweden, Finland and Norway have been protected for 60 years.

These animals are covered by a thick coat of white fur which protects against -50 degree Celsius temperatures during the winter but during summer it turns brown or grey so they camouflage.

At present the cubs continue to spend time below ground under the watchful eye of mum. Patient visitors may be able to view them as they start to explore more in the coming months.

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Arctic foxes are losing their place in some areas as they cannot camouflage where there is less snow. Most of the areas they can no longer survive in are taken over by red foxes.

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