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Houston Zoo's New Monkey

Get's a Helping Hand

Posted By : The Animal Facts Editorial Team

Date: April 29th 2020

Photo Credit: Houston Zoo

Life is tough for any newborn starting off life but the story of the new Schmidt’s red-tailed guneon (monkey) at Houston Zoo involves many trials.

Luckily his care team has been there to help him through with plenty of love and care and now it appears he’s thriving.

The story begins on April 10 early in the morning. Keepers found that mother Njeri had given birth to a beautiful baby boy. Initially it seemed that all was well with the baby who was seen holding on to mum.

Unfortunately as the day progressed the baby fell from mum and appeared weak. Upon examination by the zoo’s vet team they found that he had low blood sugar and was dehydrated. It is suspected that this was caused by Njeri not producing enough milk.

Following supportive treatment he was returned to mum to see

if she would be successful in caring for him but unfortunately he soon appeared

weak again and needed to be separated for care.

Both mother and baby made the move to the zoo’s vet centre where they could receive specialized care.

The baby was examined and given milk formula. His examination included an x-ray during which vets found a skull defect. This was assessed by a radiologist and pediatric neurologist who confirmed the baby had a fractured skull. While it is unknown how this injury occurred he appears to be recovering and is being monitored.

Photo Credit: Houston Zoo

It is hoped that the young monkey will soon be strong enough to be reunited with mum.

Till then keepers are continuing to care for him.As he was born on the Easter weekend, keepers have selected the name Peter after Peter Rabbit. The birth of this baby brings the Schmidt’s red tailed guenon group housed at Houston Zoo to 6 animals.

The red tailed guenon is found in tropical rainforests, swamplands and montane forests of Central Africa. They are also known as red tailed monkeys or the black cheeked white-nosed monkey.While currently considered a least concern species by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) populations of these monkeys continue to decline due to timber and other farming, mining, housing and hunting.

Houston Zoo Information –


IUCN assessment

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