Howling halloween treats for London Zoo animals

The animals of London Zoo have been haunted this halloween by the many Pumpkins that invaded their enclosures. They were no match for the zoo’s expert ghostbusters including penguins, squirrel monkeys, giant tortoises and three Sumatran tiger cubs.


Each of the animals have different taste in pumpkins. The squirrel monkeys reached into theirs to grab nutty nibbles. The squirrel monkey keeper, Hannah Duprey said, “Our residents love getting involved with the spooky festivities at the Zoo, especially because they get terrific treats in their pumpkins.”


Dirk the Galapagos giant tortoise chomped his way through his pumpkin with no other treats needed.


The Sumatran tiger cubs are some of London Zoo’s newest residents and they seem to love the idea of halloween. They enjoyed pumpkins marked with scents so they would hunt them. The pumpkins proved no match for Nakal, Budi and Cinta the three tigers. They knocked around the pumpkins with their large paws and bit into them.


Duprey added that, “Giving our animals Halloween treats is fantastic enrichment for them; it encourages their natural hunting or foraging behaviours, and offers something new for them to investigate.”


Humans are also in for a scaring with a Bat Cave home to bat’s and rats and the Owl Emporium with these incredible night time hunters ready to scare people with their haunting calls.

Photo Credit: London Zoo

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