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Hugo the Tortoise Celebrates Turning 70 at Australian Reptile Park

Posted By : The Animal Facts Editorial Team

Date: September 30, 2020 6:10 pm

hugo tortoise birthday party

Hugo the tortoise enjoys his birthday cake

Photo Credit: The Australian Reptile Park

The Australian Reptile Park has celebrated the birthday of their oldest resident, Hugo the Galapagos tortoise as he turns 70.

Hugo had plenty of candles to blow out on his cake which was lovingly prepared by keepers. The 3 tier cake was adorned with watermelon, rockmelon, kiwifruit and more. On top a pair of apples were carved to say 70.

All of the fruit on the cake is a special treat for Hugo which keepers reckon he looks forward to every year. His normal diet is made up of carrots, hay, bamboo stalks, flowers and hibiscus flowers. When presented with the cake he was said to excitedly move towards it as quickly as a tortoise can.

hugo tortoise birthday party

Hugo the tortoise enjoys his birthday cake

Photo Credit: The Australian Reptile Park

In addition to the special treats he was provided with plenty of neck scratches from his keepers and his favorite activity, a shower.

Hugo was also treated like a star by guests as he took his daily walk around the park. He received plenty of pats from all the people who came to visit and say happy birthday to Hugo.

At the Australian Reptile Park Hugo has been a star attraction since his arrival at the park in 1963. He is currently the oldest living resident at the park. While it may seem he has reached an advanced age Hugo is considered middle age and may reach 150 years old. Australia’s oldest Galapagos tortoise lived to be 175 years old.

hugo tortoise birthday party

Hugo the tortoise enjoys a scratch from his keeper

Photo Credit: The Australian Reptile Park

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Head of Reptiles, Daniel Rumsey explains “Anyone who meets Hugo knows he is not your regular tortoise. He is full of personality and will greet anyone with a big smile! I love working with him and watching everyone’s faces light up when they see him for the first time.”

Mr Rumsey continues, “I always say if you didn’t give Hugo’s shell a rub, you haven’t visited the Australian Reptile Park! It really does give you good luck!”

Visitors to the Australian Reptile Park can meet Hugo on his daily walks for the opportunity to rub his shell for good luck.

hugo tortoise birthday party

The birthday cake keepers prepared for Hugo

Photo Credit: The Australian Reptile Park

Learn more about the Galapagos giant tortoise here – Galapagos giant tortoise Fact File | The Animal Facts

Learn more about the Australian Reptile Park on their website – Australian Reptile Park

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