International Tiger Day 2021 Celebrated at Zoos Worldwide

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Date: July 30, 2021 11:30 pm

International Tiger Day is celebrated each year on July 29th. At zoos around the globe the day is marked with special enrichment, keeper talks and most excitingly, the announcement of tiger cubs.

Below we take a look at the best ways that zoos celebrated International Tiger Day for 2021.

Taronga Zoo Sydney Highlight Threats Faced by Tigers

The tigers at Taronga Zoo Sydney have enjoyed some enrichment for International Tiger Day

Video Credit: Taronga Zoo Sydney

Taronga Zoo Sydney celebrated International Tiger Day by providing treats to their tiger family. Mom Kartika and her three cubs Mawar, Tengah Malam and Pemanah enjoyed carved watermelons.

These carvings featured the threats which are being faced by tigers in the wild such as poaching and habitat loss to allow the construction of palm oil plantations.

To help protect wild tigers Taronga Zoo Sydney are encouraging visitors to seek out 100% certified and sustainable palm oil next time you go grocery shopping.

Tiger Cub is Talk of the Town at Tulsa Zoo

Tulsa Zoo Tiger Cub

Tulsa Zoo have introduced a Malayan tiger cub on International Tiger Cub

Photo Credit: Tulsa Zoo

In our eyes the cutest announcement for International Tiger Day was the birth of this Malayan tiger cub at the Tulsa Zoo. Born on July 11th 2021 mother, Ava and her cub have been bonding well behind the scenes.

We covered her arrival in a full article which you can read by pressing the button below.

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Names Announced for Tiger Cubs at Highland Wildlife Park 

Tiger Cubs Highland Wildlife Park

The Amur tiger cubs at Highland Wildlife Park rest in the arms of mom Dominika

Photo Credit: RZSS

Highland Wildlife Park have announced the names of their three Amur tiger cubs born in May. Two female cubs were named by donors who have supported the zoo’s conservation work and the male cub was named by a public poll.

Learn the three names which have been selected by reading our full article by clicking the button below.

Australia Zoo unveil new Educational Displays

World Tiger Day 2021

Left: Robert Irwin with one of the tigers which call Australia Zoo home

Right: The newly installed educational displays at Australia Zoo’s Tiger Temple Habitat

Video Credit: Australia Zoo

On International Tiger Day, Australia Zoo have unveiled two The Terrace 65” Outdoor TV’s at their Tiger Temple habitat. These will help guests to support tiger conservation as they can tap their phone or card to make a donation along with providing information on tigers.

Australia Zoo highlight a group of Sumatran tigers at their Tiger Temple habitat. Less than 350 of these tigers are thought to remain in the wild due to poaching, habitat destruction and prey depletion.

Wildlife Warriors, the charity founded by Steve and Terri Irwin (Founders of Australia Zoo) in 2002 work to support the conservation of tigers in the wild. This includes funding anti-poaching units in Sumatra.

“I am proud of our efforts in the conservation of these magnificent animals in the wild. The Tiger Protection and Conservation Units in Sumatra are keeping our hopes of protecting the population of Sumatran tigers alive, and it is incredible to reflect on how much we have achieved already in our fight to save this iconic species,” Terri Irwin said.

The zoo also operate a breeding project o site to increase the population of this species.

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African Penguin Chick at Audubon Aquarium
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Northern Rockhopper Penguin Chick Edinburgh Zoo
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