Keepers help aged titi eat his food

Keepers at Dudley Zoo in the United Kingdom have been helping their eldery coppery titi, Ross eat his dinner. They have been warming the 27 year olds food in the microwave to soften it up so he can munch through it.

Ross and his six year old son Frank moved from Skansen Aquarium in Sweden to the United Kingdom earlier this year as part of an international conservation program.


Registrar and Research Co-ordinator for Dudley Zoo, Dr David Beeston said, “Just as staff in Stockholm used to cook Ross’s veg for him to help his old gums, our keepers are doing the same here by microwaving it to soften it for him.”


Coppery titis are a new species for Dudley Zoo having never lived at the zoo in its 78 year history. They have settled in well to the Monkey Trails walkthrough habitat.

“Ross and Frank are both enjoying a varied diet of fruit, veg, mealworms and bread,” added Dr. Beeston.

Photo Credit: Dudley Zoological Gardens

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