Koala joey pops out of the pouch at Taronga Western Plains Zoo

koalaTaronga Western Plains Zoo has had the first koala joey emerge from the pouch for this season.

The young female ‘Rosea’ has been delighting visitors and keepers during her appearances. Her name is derived from a species of flowering eucalyptus.

Mother wild girl is displaying all the correct behaviours which is good since she is a first time mum.

Rosea is a bit shy though explained keeper, Natacha Richards “Rosea is approximately eight-months-old and is a little shy at present, preferring to stay close to mum’s chest but in the coming months will start to move on to her mother’s back.”

The zoos Aussie walkthrough is experiencing a baby boom with “have lots of little wallaby joeys on the way in the Aussie walkthrough exhibit as well as two more Koala joeys that are yet to emerge from their mother’s pouches,” stated Richards.

3 new koala joeys is great news for a species which is facing a declining population due to humans destroying their habitat.

The zoo currently houses 1 male and 3 female koala’s.

Finally Richards provided tips on seeing the joey, “The best time to see the new arrival is on the warmer winter days in the afternoon, when you just need to look closely.”

Photo Credit: Taronga Western Plains Zoo

By Cale Russell

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