Koala joeys making friends at Taronga Zoo

koala joeysThree koala joeys have been making friends at Taronga Zoo. A month ago the trio moved away from their mothers and took up residence together in the same tree at the zoos koala encounters zone.

The trio are known as ‘Sydney,’ ’Milli’ and ‘Tucker.’ Milli and Sydney are currently 18 months old while little Tucker is just 12 months old.

Keepers report that the group are regularly seen eating and sleeping at close quarters. Occasionally the group are even spotted on top of each other having a snooze. Since koalas sleep 20 hours a day the group have lots of time for cuddling.

Laura Jones, the koala keeper explained the koala joeys close bond. ‘Tucker is usually the poor guy on the bottom. I think he goes to sleep first and then the girls find a comfy spot on top of him. He’s seems to quite like it at the moment though, as it may remind him of cuddling with his mum.’

If all goes well the koala joeys will spend the next year as house mates.

Koalas quite enjoy a cuddle when they’re juveniles, but as they get older they become more independent and want their own space. If these three start battling over places to perch we’ll separate them, but at the moment they’re very happy living together,’ stated Jones.

Taronga Zoo is participating in the breeding program for this species that is at risk due to deforestation. They are also threatened by population fragmentation and attacks by introduced species. The successful program saw the birth of three koalas last year and once again this year has seen another three born.

Visitors can meet Milli, Tucker and Sydney at the zoo’s koala encounters exhibit. Here you can also learn more about the threats the koalas face.

Photo Credit: Taronga Zoo

By Cale Russell

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