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Komodo Dragons Lays Eggs in Australian First

Posted By : The Animal Facts Editorial Team

Date: November 18, 2021 12:51 pm

Komodo Dragon Lays Eggs Australian Reptile Park

One of the 15 Komodo dragon eggs which were laid at the Australian Reptile Park

Photo Credit: The Australian Reptile Park

The Australian Reptile Park have celebrated a historic achievement with 15 Komodo dragon eggs being laid. This is the first time that Komodo dragons have bred in Australia.

Female Daenerys laid the 15 eggs following a mating with the Australian Reptile Park's resident male earlier this year.

Keepers have undertaken to remove the eggs so they have their highest chance of survival. They will now have an 8 month wait to meet the hatchlings. Keepers will be keeping a close eye on the eggs to ensure the temperature is kept at an optimal level to care for them and to ensure they remain viable and healthy.

Komodo Dragon Lays Eggs Australian Reptile Park

File photo of a Komodo Dragon

Photo Credit: The Animal Facts

A bite from a Komodo dragon is potentially life-threating due to the venomous saliva. Thankfully keepers maintain a close relationship with Daenerys. This meant keepers could lure her away rom the nest box so keepers could access the nest and remove the eggs for transport to the artificial incubator.

While they had no issues with Daenerys there was a tense movement towards the end of the retrieval as the nest began to collapse. The quick acting keepers scrambled to protect the eggs and removed the final fragile eggs without damage.

After her return to the nest Daenerys showed no signs she was aware the eggs were removed and returned to digging.

No other zoo in Australia have ever bred Komodo dragons and led them through to egg laying. This is a positive sign for the breeding program for this species which is under threat in the wild.

— AD —

Head of Reptiles, Daniel Rumsey said, “A lot of work goes into the breeding of Komodo dragons. These are two animals that could potentially kill each other and do some serious damage to us keepers in the process. It was a bit touch and go during the initial introductions, however our female became receptive and the two mated successfully.” 

My Rumsey continued, “The next stage is ensuring the successful laying of the eggs. Komodo dragons can become what is called ‘egg-bound’ in which the eggs get trapped inside them if you don’t provide optimal laying conditions. This includes us building a specially designed nest box that has deep enough sand and ensuring the temperature is optimal.” 

Keepers continue to care for Daenerys throughout the incubation of the eggs. She has visited the vet to ensure she had passed all of the eggs. The eggs are undergoing daily temperature checks and they have been candling the eggs which is where they hold a torch behind the egg to see the formation of the dragon inside.

Learn more about Komodo Dragons here – Komodo Dragon Fact File | The Animal Facts

Learn more about The Australian Reptile Park on their website – The Australian Reptile Park

Komodo Dragon Lays Eggs Australian Reptile Park

Some of the 15 Komodo dragon eggs which were laid at the Australian Reptile Park

Photo Credit: The Australian Reptile Park

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