Let her have cake. London Zoo gorilla get’s a birthday treat.

Zaire, London Zoo’s oldest gorilla has marked her birthday with a cake baked for her by a special guest.

Richard Burr, a favourite on the Great British Bake Off this year came to the zoo to create the special treat for Zaire.


After achieving the star baker award for a record five weeks on the show this challenge didn’t faze Richard even with her odd favourite treats. Included in the cake was apples, carrots, walnuts and sugar free jelly all of which were pink, her favourite colour.

Here keeper Glynn Hennessey said, “Zaire is our old lady of the group, but is still a girlie girl at heart and loves anything pink, as keepers have noticed from various enrichment ativities.”


“She loves pink fruit tea like strawberry or blackcurrant, so Richard making her a pink birthday treat was a fantastic surprise. She definitely enjoyed tasting all her favourite ingredients!”

Turns out Zaire was very impressed with the treat. As soon as she stepped out of her house she ran straight to the layered treat and immediately tore into it. She used her fingers to remove her favourite parts with red peppers being eaten first. Afterwards she ate the jelly topping.

You can see video of this moment below:

This would have made Richard happy. He said that, “I’m thrilled to have made a birthday gift for such a special lady. I’ve always loved London Zoo and am a regular visitor so it’s a pleasure to use my bake off skills and help celebrate Zaire’s birthday. I hope she likes the treat I’ve created especially for her!”

Zaire is the old lady of the London Zoo group who lives with two younger girls, Mjukuu and Effie along with the head honcho of the group, Kumbuka is a teenage silverback. Zaire can regularly be seen foraging for food and interacting with children at the zoo’s Gorilla Kingdom habitat.

Hennesey said that, “Zaire has been at ZSL London Zoo for 30 years and is a calming influence on the rest of the group. She’s been there and seen it all so she deserves a fabulous fortieth. We’re sure having Richard on-hand made her birthday a memorable day!”

Photo Credit: London Zoo


By Cale Russell

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