Lincoln Park gorilla infant gets a name

A baby gorilla born at Lincoln Park Zoo on February 24 received a name this week. This little beauty has been named Bella in honour of a long time Lincoln Park Zoo supporter.

The infant was named for a member of the Regeinstein family who have supported the zoo with tens of million dollars’ worth of support over the years.


“The Regenstein family has been integral in helping build the zoo into the state-of-the-art conservation leader it is today,” says President and CEO Kevin Bell. “Through their support, we’ve successfully developed one of the world’s most advanced great ape education and conservation centers. We are extremely grateful for their loyal support.”

Lincoln Park Zoo works to protect gorillas in America and Africa. At home gorillas live in the Regenstein Centre for African Apes which opened in 2004. Two gorilla groups live here, a family groups where Bella lives and four adolescent males who form a bachelor group.


In the Lester E. Fischer Centre for the Study and Conservation of Apes researchers are working on voluntary touch screen and behavioural monitoring projects.

In Africa the zoo works with the Goualougo Triangle Ape Project in the Republic of Congo.


Bella is the 52nd gorilla born at the Lincoln Park Zoo. So far she is nursing well and can be seen  clinging to mum, Bahati. She has sparked the curiosity of her 2 year old half-sisters Patty and Nayebi along with the adults in the group.

Gorilla keepers continue to monitor Bahati and Bella to ensure that they are healthy and happy. Bahati has done well with son, Bengati and daughter, Susie in the past and keepers hope for a repeat of this success.


Bella was born as part of the Species Survival Plan. This program works with all the gorillas held in the USA to maintain genetic diversity.

Photo Credits: Lincoln Park Zoo

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