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Date: May 21, 2020 11:48 pm

Photo Credit: Lincoln Park Zoo/Shannon McElmeel

The guests may not be arriving each morning but that doesn’t mean life has stopped for the animals of Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, USA. They have announced the birth of 3 monkeys and the upcoming birth of a zebra foal.

The zoo’s three monkey births come from two species with two Japanese macaques and a Diana monkey joining the zoo family.

Japanese macaques are also known as snow monkey’s and come from Japan. Lincoln Park Zoo’s two juveniles are known as Nikko and Ozu and were born to mum’s Nara and Ono on March 15th and April 18th 2020 respectively.

These births bring the number of Japanese macaques housed at Lincoln Park Zoo to 13.

Curator of Primates Jill Moyes said, “Infants bring such joy to folks at the zoo and make for a very active macaque troop.”

Photo Credit: Lincoln Park Zoo/Jill Dignan

In the zoo’s African Journey exhibit Diana monkey mum Cece has welcomed her baby. As yet keepers have not been able to determine the baby’s gender and as such it has not been named. This baby born on April 23rd is part of the Species Survival Program run by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums to safeguard this species.

The Diana monkey is found throughout West Africa and is listed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature as endangered due to agriculture, hunting, war and civil unrest. The 4 monkeys housed at Lincoln Park Zoo are part of this plan to provide future animal’s for release

Photo Credit: Lincoln Park Zoo/Caitlinn Michalik

At the zoo’s zebra exhibit staff are eagerly anticipating the birth of 13 year old Grevy’s zebra Adia’s foal. It is anticipated the foal will be born in July and this will be Adia’s fourth calf.

Her pregnancy has been confirmed through a fecal sample along with observations of her growing stomach and increased food consumption.

The best way to keep up with the new arrivals is through the zoo’s social media while the zoo remains closed to visitors.

Learn more about Lincoln Park Zoo on their website – Lincoln Park Zoo

You can watch the baby snow monkeys play in the video below.

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