Little lemur lads debut at Dublin Zoo


Dublin Zoo has three little red ruffed lemur lads leaping around the treetops at the moment. The new arrivals join a group of four lemurs which reside at the zoo.

These Madagascan natives are listed as critically endangered so any arrivals that join the international breeding program are welcomed arrivals.


Team leader at Dublin Zoo, Ciaran McMahon said, “Red ruffed lemurs are one of the most endangered of all lemurs. The birth of three babies at Dublin Zoo is hugely significant and definitely something to celebrate! We are delighted to report that our new arrivals are strong and healthy and are nosily exploring their habitat on red ruffed lemur island”.


Unfortunately their significant declines are continuing due to agriculture, logging and mining.


Groups of between two and sixteen lemurs generally form in the wild. They use a loud, mechanical sounding call to communication between each other.

Photo Credit: Dublin Zoo

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