Little lion leaps into life at Dublin Zoo

lion Dublin Zoo is welcoming a ferocious little lion cub into their family.

The new arrival was born to mum Zuri and dad, Kumar. Kumar has only been at the zoo for a year after moving there from Rotterdam Zoo.

Currently the cub is bonding with mum and dad incredibly well.

Keepers are excited about the new arrival. ‘’We’re thrilled about the arrival of the cub. He has a wonderfully playful and curious personality. It’s lovely to see Zuri taking to her role as a new mum so well and Kumar is as cool and calm as ever” said team leader, Ciaran McMahon.

He is also growing fast “At two months old he now weighs an estimated 6.6kg,” added Mc Mahon.

The baby is part of an international breeding program which is being run for this endangered species. In one forest in India there is last 350 animals of this species.

McMahon explained the importance of the program, “In the past Dublin Zoo was very successful breeding African lions. It is now of great conservation importance that zoos maintain a viable population of critically endangered Asian lions.”lion

The cub is now in need of a name. It is hoped that one will be suggested that reflects his Asian heritage. People can suggest a name for him on the Dublin Zoo facebook page.

Photo Credits: Dublin Zoo

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