ZSL London Zoo Otter Pup’s Explore Outside

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Date: June 22, 2020 11:06 pm

london zoo otter pups

Photo Credit: ZSL London Zoo

London Zoo has shared photos of their two Asian short clawed otter pups as they took their first steps in to the great outdoors this week.

First time parents Pip and Matilda welcomed their youngsters on Wednesday April 15th. Until now they have been raising their new family in the privacy of their den known as a holt.

They have proven to be great parents with senior otter keeper, Laura Garrett saying, “Both Pip and Matilda are very paws-on parents and have been devoted to their pups, barely leaving their side.”

Video Credit: ZSL London Zoo

The pups were named Bubble and Squeak by keepers. Their genders are not yet known. Keepers will perform a health check in the coming weeks but for now the family is being left to bond.

Garrett said, “Bubble and Squeak caused so much excitement when they arrived in April, the first animals born at the Zoo during lockdown, they boosted the morale of our hard-working zookeeper team and everyone has been waiting eagerly for them to emerge from their holt ever since.”

In good news for the public the little otters were caught on camera during their adventures by keepers. Another video shared by the zoo shows life in the den for the pups including mum cleaning them by licking.

“We set up cameras to monitor their progress, and were overjoyed when we spotted Pip and Matilda finally carrying them outside – otter pups don’t leave the family holt for at least the first six weeks of their lives, so they’re perfectly on schedule,” continued Garrett.

Video Credit: ZSL London Zoo

The Asian small clawed otter is also known as the oriental short clawed otter and is the smallest of the world’s 13 otter species. They are a vulnerable species.

Learn more about the Asian short clawed otter here – Oriental small clawed otter | The Animal Facts

Learn more about London Zoo on their website – London Zoo

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