Marwell Zoo Celebrates The Birth of Endangered Foals

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Date: August 18, 2020 9:30 pm

marwell zoo foals

The African wild ass foal

Photo Credit: Marwell Zoo

The team at Marwell Zoo are celebrating three recently arrived foals representing a pair of endangered species.

A single African wild ass and two Hartmann’s zebra foals have been born recently.

The African wild ass is one of the most endangered species on Earth. As few as 600 African wild asses may remain in the wild. Parents Jahzahra and Lars welcomed the foal which keepers have reported is strong and healthy.

Animal Collection Manager Ian Goodwin said: “The birth of this foal is an extremely important addition to the zoo, especially as we are only one of three collections in the UK to hold a breeding herd of African wild ass. We’re all very proud that mother and foal are doing so well.

“The African wild ass inhabit Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. There are estimated to be fewer than 600 in the wild, so they are incredibly rare and they sadly face an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild.”

marwell zoo foals

A zebra foal at Marwell Zoo

Photo Credit: Marwell Zoo

Another exciting pair of additions are two Hartmann’s mountain zebra foals.

The father of both foals is Davu. Mother Dayimani gave birth to her calf on August 13th while Dorotka gave birth on August 17th.

These zebra are recognized as being vulnerable following a dramatic decrease in their population as a result of drought in the 1980s. While the population has increased over time it is expected that a similar decline is increasingly likely as a result of climate change. They are found in Namibia, Angola and South Africa.

Populations of these animals in zoos are important as a backup if this was to occur. Marwell Zoo manage the European Ex situ Programme (EEP) for the species and their studbook.

Learn more about Marwell Zoo on their website – Marwell Zoo

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