Meerkat bros celebrate their fifth birthday at Dudley Zoo


Meerkat brothers Lucky and Marvin from Dudley Zoo celebrated their 5th birthday recently and keepers gave them some presents to celebrate.

For their presents the boys received boxes with colourful wrapping and a pair of boot.

Meerkat birthday

Their boxes were filled with hay and mealworms by Lower Primate Keeper Jade Reddall. She said, “The boys love mealworms and had a wonderful time foraging through the boxes and playing with them too.”

“They love making a mess so this was a great birthday activity for them.”

The boots came from Keeper Shaun Crompton with this being their hurrah. He saw this activity as a perfect way to engage their super sensitive noses. He also hid some treats inside and sprayed them with perfume for extra entertainment.

Meerkat birthday

Shaun explained, “When we go in their enclosure or when we get Keepers for a Day come in, the boys have a real fascination with people’s footwear.”

“I knew before I threw out my old boots that Lucky and Marvin would get plenty of pleasure from them and it was funny to watch,” he added.

Take a look at the boy’s birthday celebrations below.

Photo Credits: Dudley Zoo

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