Meerkat bubs born at Dartmoor Zoo


Dartmoor Zoo in Devon, United Kingdom has welcomed a cute quartet of meerkats ahead of mother’s day. Mum Xena is an old hand at raised pups having had four litters before this one. Some remain at the zoo while others have travelled to other zoo’s in the surrounding area.

At three weeks old the four kits have recently begun to explore their habitat.


Mike Downman, head keepers said, “We’re really pleased with their progress so far. Mum Xena is now a very experienced mother and on a weekend when we’re all celebrating great mums it’s good to give her a bit of recognition.”

“We don’t know yet which are male or female,” explained Downman. “The group is very protective of the new arrivals so it will be a while before we can get a close enough look.”


Meerkats are small desert dwelling mongooses from Africa. They form mobs of 20 or so members.

Photo Credit: Dartmoor Zoo

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