Meerkat pup dazzles visitors at Western Plains Zoo

meerkat pupA female meerkat pup was born at Taronga Western Plains Zoo on the 31st March 2014.

Mother Umi has proven to be a super mom since arriving at Western Plains Zoo, giving birth to five litters. Mom has shown positive maternal behaviours already as she cares for the pup.

Keepers chose the name ‘Junkins’ for the pup.

For the first couple of weeks of the baby’s life he lived in a den. Now that they have opened she has begun to explore the world.

The meerkats keeper Karen Ellis said ‘The pup has only been out the den for a couple of weeks as she is starting to become more adventurous and interested in her new environment.’

‘She is very curious especially of her keepers and is already foraging and catching food on her own.’

Umi has kept a close eye on the pup as it begins to explore but he has proven to be a good  meerkat pup. Ellis said ‘Junkins doesn’t venture too far from her side and is often spotted sunbathing with the group.’

It will only take four months for this little meerkat pup to achieve her full adult size so visitors will need to be quick to get to see him.

Junkins joins the zoo’s other 11 meerkats in the exhibit.

Photo Credit: Taronga Western Plains Zoo

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