Meerkat pups pop out of the burrow at Werribee

The meerkat mob at Werribee Open Range Zoo in Victoria, Australia has just gotten bigger. Akili gave birth to two meerkat pups on January 16.


For the first few weeks of their lives meerkats remain in the burrow. They can’t yet hear or see so depend on the adults in the mob. Currently the pups are six weeks old and they are beginning to increase the amount of time they are out of the burrow.

That hasn’t stopped keepers from seeing what they were up to though. They installed cameras in the burrow allowing them to keep a close eye on the pups without disturbing them.

You can watch vision from this camera below:

Meerkats are very good at teamwork and Akili regularly gets assistance with the pups from her family. One is always on sentry duty making sure no predators are around.

Over their first night with the pups they were all busy adjusting to the new routine of caring for the pups meaning they had almost no sleep.


Overtime they have become more relaxed and mum Akali has developed the skill of napping and nursing at the same time.

It will be a few weeks before keepers can determine what gender the pups are. Once they known this they will give them names.


Meerkats come from Angola, Namibia, South Africa and Botswana living throughout the arid areas. An extended family group will all share a burrow.

Photo Credit: Werribee Open Range Zoo

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