Meerkats recieve Christmas treats at the San Diego Zoo

The meerkats at the San Diego Zoo are already enjoying their Christmas presents with four wreaths placed in their enclosure by keepers yesterday.

Animal Care Staff at the zoo crafted the wreaths using lavender star plants that were grown in the zoo. One was decorated with a bow made from a palm leaf while the others were decorated with red hibiscus flowers. To perk the meerkats interest they were decorated with mealworms their favourite treat.

You can watch the meerkats enjoying their treats below.

By giving the meerkats wreaths they were encouraged to participate in natural behaviours such as digging, foraging and exploring. To help them dig meerkats have a number of adaptations including long claws and ears that close to keep out the soil. They also have a special membrane which covers the eyes to protect them from dirt and rocks.

Meerkats need to dig to create their underground burrows which they call home. This provides a home for their large groups called a mob.


Photo Credits: San Diego Zoo

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