Meet Denali the Denver Zoo’s zebra foal

Born on news year day this little zebra foal was the first baby of the year for Denver Zoo. It took until Two days ago though for the public to decide on the name Denali for him.

The naming competition held on the zoo Facebook page had visitors choose between the names Eva, Lincoln and Denali with that name coming out the winner.


He was named after famous mountains as Denver Zoo Assistant Curator, Vickie Kunter said, “We have enjoyed continuing the tradition of naming this family after famous mountains and are excited to receive the public’s help in naming the foal.”

Currently he is doing well and is under the car of his mother Crestone.The father of the calf is Punda and the pair have another 1 year old foal Summit. He has been very active since he was born zookeepers explained.

He is a Grevy’s zebra a species which is considered to be ‘endangered’ by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. They estimate grevy’s zebra numbers at 2000. Denali was born as part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plan which promotes genetic diversity and healthy populations. Denver Zoo has seen great success as part of the program with three foals joining the zoos four adult females and one adult male.


The species is coming under threat due to loss of habitat, competition with livestock and poaching. Now they are only found in northern Kenya and south eastern Ethiopia having disappeared from most of their former range.

Grevy’s zebras are named for the former French president, Jules Grevy who was presented the first specimen of this species in 1882. They are the largest equine species and can be told apart from other zebra species as their stripes are narrow, their legs and longer, their ears are large and rounded and the underbelly is stripeless.

Photo Credits: Denver Zoo

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