Meet Fiete the adorable brother of celebrity polar bear Knut

polar bear

Remember the little polar bear Knut who took the world by storm during 2006. Today we bring you his just as adorable half-brother. The cub was christened as Fiete at Rostock Zoo in Germany earlier this week. The name Fiete was chosen following a naming competition that received 3,000 entries. This name means peaceful in German. Fiete was born on December 3rd 2014.

The little bear has a lot of growing to do and will soon begin his swimming lessons. Currently Fietes keeper estimates his weight at between 15 and 20kg. By the time he is fully grown he may weigh up to 700kg (1,540lb). He also needs to learn to swim but zoo curator, Antje Zimmermann reports that he is a little bit afraid of water. He expects mum Vilma will soon assist him in learning to swim.

polar bear

For now he is a lively little fellow who like most children is enjoying tasting everything in his vicinity. He stops for regular naps as well where he snuggles with mum.

He will spend up to 16 months suckling from mum and will live with her for up to 2 ½ years. At this time he is beginning to nibble on some of his mum’s fish and meat. His baby milk is helping him to grow strong with its high fat and protein content.

polar bear

Dad Lars has not meet Fiete and will be moving to Aalborg Zoo in Denmark soon. He was also the father of Knut. This mimics their natural behaviour in the wild. Currently the zoo is accepting donations to help fund a new home for the polar bears known as the POLARIUM. It will also provide a home for penguins.

Photo Credit: Rostock Zoo

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