Mexican grey wolf pups named at Brookfield Zoo

Mexican grey wolf

Brookfield Zoo’s four Mexican wolf pups now have names thanks to 30,000 votes cast by members of the public in the past month.

Mexican grey wolf

The two male cubs have received the names Inigo, which means “fiery” in Spanish and Aldo in honour of conservationist Aldo Leopold. The female pup has been named Magdalena after a village in New Mexico. Another male pup had already been named Nestor by the zoo’s staff in memorty of Ernesta a wolf from Brookfield Zoo who returned to the wild in 2012 as part of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s recovery program.

Mexican grey wolf

At 10 weeks old the puppies have now moved onto a solid food diet and are busy exploring the Regenstein Wolf Woods habitat. They continue to grow in leaps and bounds and are very playful.

Their learning will continue into next year if their parents, Zana and Flint have another litter. This would teach them to raise their own litter as they would assist in the care of those pups.

Meican grey wolf

Brookfield Zoo is involved in the Mexican grey wolf recovery program which aims to raise awareness of this endangered species which stood at extinctions door in recent history.

Photo Credit: Brookfield Zoo

Mexican grey wolf

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