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Monarto Safari Park celebrate’s a Record Tasmanian Devil Breeding Season

Posted By : The Animal Facts Editorial Team

Date: June 25, 2020 12:44 pm

tasmanian devil

Xena the Tasmanian Devil with the paw of her joey showing

Photo Credit: Monarto Safari Park

Monarto Safari Park has celebrated a new record in their breeding program for the critically endangered Tasmanian Devil.

Keepers at the zoo gave 10 females the ability to breed this year which was the first record of the year. Three of these females, Thumbelina, Xena and Violet, bred and this has led to the birth of a record number of joeys.

tasmanian devil

Photo Credit: Monarto Safari Park

Monarto Safari Park keeper Simon Dower explained that there could be more though, “We try to disturb the devils as little as possible so we can’t be sure of the exact number of joeys each female has, but we’ve sighted at least ten between them and mums Thumbelina, Xena and Violet are carrying very large pouches!”

The father’s of these joeys have also done a great job. Known as Morocco, Roger and Laurence the dads have been seen den guarding. This is where they rest across the entrance to the burrow.

tasmanian devil joeys

Photo Credit: Monarto Safari Park

“This is the first time we’ve had ten confirmed joeys so this is a really exciting time for the team,” added Simon.

The joeys will spend the three to four months in the pouch before they emerge at which point the total number of joeys will be known.

Once out of the pouch the joeys will spend time riding on mum’s back and playing, digging and learning how their nose can help explore their environment.

Video Credit: Monarto Safari Park

The devils at Monarto Safari Park are part of the breeding program for this endangered species. Their numbers have been sharply declining over the past two decades as a result of the aggressive facial tumor disease.

Some of these devils may eventually be released to the wild as part of the release program which Monarto Safari Park is part of. Since 2012 they have been releasing devils on to Maria Island which is free of the facial tumor disease.

Simon said, “We’re so proud to have released a number of devils into the wild since 2012. Knowing that our animals are helping wild populations become genetically stronger is such a reward for us and something we strive for with the breeding program.”

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