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Date: February 21, 2022 10:10 pm

African Lion Cubs Monarto Safari Park

An African lion cub at Monarto Safari Park is groomed by its mother

Photo Credit: Zoos SA

Four African lion cubs at Monarto Safari Park in Australia have begun to explore their outside enclosure after their first visit with the vet. During their check-up vets were able to determine the gender of the four cubs.

They discovered that the litter is made up of three males and one female.

As part of their first health check the cubs received a microchip that will help identify them through their life and had a blood sample taken to ensure they are healthy.

African Lion Cubs Monarto Safari Park

A pair of African lion cubs at Monarto Safari Park play in their outdoor enclosure

Photo Credit: Zoos SA

Veterinarian Jerome Kalvas said the fluffy felines are growing up, becoming more adventurous and are all in paw-fect condition weighing in between 3.1kg to 3.9kg.

“We went in to determine their sex and found three males and one female - I expect that she will be one tough little girl with three brothers to compete with!” he said.

“All four cubs were in excellent condition and while examining them we also microchipped and took bloods to assess any underlying health values."

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Born on Monday January 24th the cubs will undergo another checkup at eight weeks old where vets will give them their first vaccination.

Their mother Husani has been providing great care for the cubs. Recently the family have taken their first outings together from the den to the outdoor yard. Lucky guests visiting the park may see them from the Zu-Loop bus.

Keepers are able to monitor the cubs through cameras in the yard and are looking forward to the day they can join the rest of the pride on the main exhibit.

African Lion Cubs Monarto Safari Park

An African lion cub at Monarto Safari Park explores its outdoor habitat

Photo Credit: Zoos SA

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