More koala joey’s born at Taronga Zoo

Koala joey

Two new koala joeys have joined Taronga Zoo’s family following the emergence of their first joey of the season in June which we covered here – Koala joey peeks out of the pouch at Taronga Zoo | The Animal Facts

Both joeys have been born to first time mother’s with Sydney giving birth to ‘TJ’ back in February though he only started to emerge from the pouch this week. Koala Keeper, Laura Jones said, “We’ve been seeing arms and legs and even a little pair of eyes peeking out from Sydney’s pouch in recent weeks, but he wasn’t ready to venture outside until this week.”

Mum, Mallee also gave birth to young, ‘Baxter’ whose name comes from the Eucalyptus species, Baxteri. Jones said, “Baxter is chomping on leaves like a champion. He’s obviously still suckling from mum, but he’ll become more and more independent over the coming months.”

Koala joey's Taronga

He is also a little adventurer as Jones added, “He loves climbing up near Mallee’s head to look around and I saw him step off on his own for the first time this week. He only lasted a few seconds before returning to mum, but he looked quite pleased with himself.”

The zoo’s joey trio can be seen when they are out and about at the koala walkabout exhibit.

It is at this time that the koala’s favourite gum is in abundance so they begin to wander further so Jones urged people to be on the lookout for them on the roads.

She explained, “All of last season’s joeys will be emerging from the pouch, so you’ll start seeing them riding around on their mothers’ backs. Koalas may also be ranging further and closer to roads as the trees start to improve in quality.”

Koalas are under threat from urban development and the breaking up of their natural habitat.

Photo Credit: Taronga Zoo/ Paul Fahy

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