New adventures of giraffes and monkeys at Dudley Zoo

Dudley Zoo has a new way to soothe their giraffes and some exciting arrivals.

Most humans enjoy a surround sound system in their house and now the Dudley zoo’s giraffes are enjoying one as well.

Team leader for the ungulate section, Jay Haywood said, “the giraffes can become skittish when they hear loud noises, like emergency vehicle sirens, which travel up the hill.”


The zoo’s solution was to play them wildlife tracks such as bird and insect noises which “are proving a soothing distraction,” added Haywood.

Male Kubwa, the females Josie and Mia and 11 month old Kito appear to be enjoying the noises. As are zoo visitors as Haywood explained, “It also makes a pleasant background sound for visitors to the giraffe house.”

You can watch a video on the sound system below.

Another exciting bit of news from Dudley is the arrival of two coppery titi monkeys. They came from the Skansen Aquarium in Stockholm, Sweden to live at the zoo as part of a conservation program.

In its 78 year history Dudley Zoo has never before held this species.

The pair of titi monkeys are 27 year old Ross who is the father of six year old Frank. Dr David Beeston who is the Dudley Zoo Registrar and Research Co-ordinator said, “This is the first time we’ve had titis at DZG and I’m pleased to say they are settling in well.”


These monkeys are named for the red fur that runs down their cheeks, chest and belly.

Ross and Frank began their time at the zoo by getting used to their off show den before joining the saki monkeys on exhibit in the Monkey Tails habitat. This is a walkthrough habitat where guests can get close to the monkeys.

Coppery titi monkeys are native to South American. They are threatened by deforestation and hunting for bush meat or to make them pets.

Photo Credits: Dudley Zoo

By Cale Russell is a testament to Cale’s commitment to the education of people around the world on the topic of animals and conservation, through the sharing of topical and newsworthy information.

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