New monkeys at Dudley Zoo get noisy

Dudley Zoo’s recently arrived Coppery titis have been impressing keepers with their large vocal range.

The pair made up of 27 year old Ross and his son, 6 year old Frank moved into to the Monkey Tails walk through from Skansen Aquarium in Sweden. You can find out more about their move here-


Keepers weren’t expecting the duets with a sound as lower primates team leader, Nicola Wright explained, “When they start their duet the sound fills the enclosure – it’s a huge building with a glass roof and lots of foliage and the noise just carries round – you really think there’s a group of titi monkeys in there, not just two of them!” When they moved in.

“However, none of the staff were prepared for their range of vocalisations – there’s certainly never a quiet moment with these guys,” she added.


Coppery titis get their name from red coloured fur which runs along the cheeks, chest and bellies. They are also known as red titis.

“It’s the first time we’ve held these small primates from South America at DZG in our 78-year history and we are all delighted at how readily they have settled,” said Wright.

You can see a video of the boys antics below:

Photo Credit: Dudley Zoo

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