A new pair of polar bears for Assiniboine Park Zoo

A pair of polar bear cubs moved to the International Polar Bear Conservation Centre on September 26-27. These two polar bears were found on the Hudson Bay Coastline after they were abandoned by their mother.

polar bear

Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship were spotted by a helicopter flying above the area. A search was undertaken in the area attempting to locate their mum. This proved unsuccessful so the stewardship decided the best course of action was to bring them to the International Polar Bear Conservation Centre.

Vets gave the cubs a check-up once they arrived at the zoo. After the loss of their mother the cubs are both healthy. The male weighs in at 50 kilograms while the male is 46 kilograms.

The ten month old cubs will spend the next month in quarantine so they can settle in before they go on exhibit. The male was the first to step out into the enclosure the pair will share poking his nose out for a sniff before making his way into the enclosure. During this time the lights were kept off and no one was around so he could settle in nicely.

The next day the female arrived and walked out of her crate to greet her brother. She greeted her brother and then the pair of them began to explore the new enclosure.

Over the next 30 days the bears will live in their slightly smaller quarantine cage while they are monitored to check that they are healthy. After this the bears will be moved to the new Journey to Churchill habitat. This new exhibit is home to a range of North American species with polar bears being the stars.

Photo Credit: Assiniboine Park Zoo

By Cale Russell

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