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New Partnership to Help Stop Wildlife Crime in Queensland

Posted By : The Animal Facts Editorial Team

Date: September 15, 2021 5:20 pm

Australia Zoo and Crimestoppers to end wildlife crime

The tragic shooting death of a saltwater crocodile similar to the one above initiated the new partnership between Australia Zoo, Wildlife Warriors and Crime Stoppers Queensland

Photo Credit: The Animal Facts

Following the tragic and illegal shooting of a saltwater crocodile on Queensland's Wenlock River a new partnership has been formed between Crime Stoppers Queensland, Wildlife Warriors and Australia Zoo to reduce wildlife crime in the state.

Through the Australia first program rewards of between $1,000 and $10,000 AUD will be offered to anyone providing information which leads to the prosecution of a person for committing wildlife abuse.

In recent time the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital has recorded a significant increase in the number of presentations related to wildlife crime. Recent patients to have been treated include koalas that were shot, a brush-turkey covered in spray-paint, and kangaroos hit by crossbows.

“It was heartbreaking to find the crocodile that was mercilessly shot in the Wenlock River, an animal Steve was so passionate about,” said Terri Irwin.

“The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital works tirelessly to treat patients admitted from unintentional human causes and conflicts such as car accidents and domestic pet attacks. It is very saddening to then witness animals who have been intentionally harmed, by finding pellets scattered in their body, or when they are covered in toxic spray-paint,” she said. 

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Crime Stoppers Queensland CEO, Carmen Jenkinson, said the creation of the Australian-first campaign is a great initiative for protecting native wildlife and educating the community on how to help reduce crimes against animals.

“Crime Stoppers Queensland is delighted to launch this new partnership with Australia Zoo and Wildlife Warriors to help bring awareness to the fact that native fauna in Queensland is protected and harming our wildlife is a crime,” said Carmen Jenkinson.

“Australia Zoo is sponsoring a reward of up to $10,000 via Crime Stoppers Queensland for information leading to an arrest in relation to the crocodile that was found shot in Far North Queensland,” she said.

“We hope the campaign gives the community the confidence to report wildlife abuse to Crime Stoppers Queensland and stay anonymous.”

One in four Queenslanders with information relating to illegal activities will report them through crime stoppers as a result of the option to remain anonymous.

Anyone with information on wildlife crime in Queensland should contact information Crime Stoppers Queensland on 1800 333 000 or and remain anonymous.

Australia Zoo and Crimestoppers to end wildlife crime

Crime Stoppers Queensland CEO, Carmen Jenkinson (Left) and Terri and Robert Irwin (Middle and Right) at the launch of the new partnership

Photo Credit: Australia Zoo

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