New pelican pad opens at Edinburgh Zoo

Pelican pad

Visitors are able to experience the RZSS Edinburgh Zoos eastern white pelicans like never before as a new pelican walk through opens at the zoo.

Pelican pad

The new habitat provides unobstructed views of the six pelicans as they swim on their lakes next to cascading waterfalls surrounded by trees and plants. The six birds are known as Xylia, Wilu, Timo and Samson with the two younger birds set to get names when they are older. The habitat features 100 year old weeping willows and a jetty out over one of the ponds.

Team Leader for Birds at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo said, “We are all really excited about the new enclosure. I am sure visitors will love being able to walk through and get really close to these magnificent birds. The pelicans are settled in their new enclosure and seem to be fascinated with the people who come in, often putting their beaks above the glass partition to investigate.”

Pelican pad

Visitors will be able to get close to the pelicans but not directly interact with them. They will also be able to gain insights on these fascinating creatures through information and facts which are on the glass panelling.

Eastern white pelicans are the world’s second largest pelican species and can be found throughout Europe’s south-east, Asia and Africa. Here they are listed as least concern by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. They are hunted by humans though so that the pouch in their bill can be used for tobacco bags or their skin turned into leather. Young pelicans ae also targeted as their fat is used in traditional medicine.


Photo Credit: RZSS Edinburgh Zoo

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