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The Animal Facts news section brings you the latest updates on animals both in human care and in the wild. We publish our favorite story from the world’s zoos here each day. We also bring you a range of additional stories through our facebook and twitter page as part of our news alerts service.

Cute chicks at Chester 

April 16, 2014

At just 2 days old Rooney is already a star. He’s not an English forward, he’s a Humboldt penguin born at the UK’s Chester Zoo. Tipping the scales at 87g he is one of the first penguins to hatch this year. He is doing so well that the only problem he has caused as yet… Continue reading News

Panda artificially inseminated at Edinbrugh Zoo 

April 15, 2014

Edinburgh zoo has artificially inseminated their Giant Panda Tian Tian. Tian Tian didn’t mate with her partner naturally so zoo staff made the decision to inseminate her artificially. This procedure was carried out on Sunday afternoon. Director of Pandas for Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, Iain Valentine said both were showing very positive signs. ‘We… Continue reading News

Skinks saved from possible extinction 

April 15, 2014

Western Grand and Otago skinks are making their homes at Wellington Zoo in an effort to save them from extinction. In a partnership with the Department of conservation the project aims to increase numbers of the critically endangered species. These animals usually make their home near Wanaka but this group were removed in February. They… Continue reading News

Eastern Bongo enters the world at Zoo Atlanta 

April 15, 2014

On April 12 2014 Zoo Atlanta’s bongo, Matilda, gave birth to her 3rd baby and it’s a boy. Mum and Dad, Tambo, are part of the species survival plan for the eastern bongo. This aims to create a genetically diverse,self-sustaining population of bongos in North American Zoos. The program has already seen captive bongos reintroduced… Continue reading News

Perth Zoo opens new orang-utan boardwalk 

April 14, 2014

Rising 2.1metres into the air Perth Zoo’s new orang-utan boardwalk is now open. The new boardwalk aims to get people closer to the 12 orang-utans who are currently living at the Perth Zoo. It wraps for 125 metres around the habitats for the orang-utan colony. Costing $3.6 million the project also involved the planting of… Continue reading News

Vincennes Zoo undergoes €133m facelift 

April 13, 2014

After 6 years the Zoological Park of Paris will finally re-open its doors on the twelfth of April 2014. What prompted this huge renovation? When the zoo closed in 2008 it was stuck in a time-warp. The zoo opened in 1934. The animals were held in a concrete jungle which raised many safety concerns. Zoo… Continue reading News

Chimps escape at the Kansas City Zoo 

April 12, 2014

In an amazing display of the great apes ingenuity, 7 chimps breached the walls of their enclosure at the Kansas City Zoo on Thursday afternoon. At about 4pm a chimp broke a 5ft limb off a tree or utilised one within the enclosure. The chimpanzee then pushed this up against the wall of his enclosure.… Continue reading News

Zoo Babies-Taronga Zoo Tree Kangaroo 

March 15, 2014

This little cutie is a baby tree kangaroo who is just beginning to poke her head out of the pouch since being born in September. This girl is so young that she is still yet to even receive a name. She is the first of her kind to born at Taronga Zoo in Sydney in… Continue reading News

Zoo Babies-Rare C-section on a gorilla 

March 15, 2014

A rare C-section has been performed on a gorilla at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. This was the first baby for gorilla Imani. She began to show initial signs of labour Wednesday. This was closely monitored by keepers and vets from the safari park. By the next morning she showed no further signs of… Continue reading News

World’s only captive leopard seal put to sleep 

February 22, 2014

Casey a male leopard seal at Taronga Zoo has been put to sleep after a battle with illness. Casey stopped eating earlier in the year and began to go off colour. Casey was eutanised on Friday as Taronga Zoo decided everything possible had been done to assist him. Taronga Zoo said in their statement ‘Casey’s… Continue reading News

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