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The Animal Facts news section brings you the latest updates on animals both in human care and in the wild. We publish our favorite story from the world’s zoos here each day. We also bring you a range of additional stories through our facebook and twitter page as part of our news alerts service.

Amur Tiger Cubs Explore Outside Highland Wildlife Park

Amur Tiger Cubs Go Outside at Highland Wildlife Park 

July 27, 2021

The trio of Amur tiger cubs born in May 2021 at Highland Wildlife Park enjoyed their first play outside today under the watchful eye of mom.

Northern Bettongs Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Northern Bettongs to Return to Predator Proof Haven 

July 26, 2021

The endangered northern bettong is set to return to the wild in northern Australia’s largest feral predator-free haven after funding was recieved.

Fort Worth Zoo Giraffe Calf

1…2…3 Giraffe Calves For Fort Worth Zoo Herd 

July 25, 2021

Forth Worth have celebrated more success for their breeding program. Three calves joined the herd overt the past two months.

Bush Rat Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Bush Rats Fight Back Against Invaders in Sydney 

July 24, 2021

The Australian Wildlife Conservancy have announced that native bush rats are winning against invasive black rats in one of their sanctuaries.

Rhino Calf Eshe Monarto Safari Park

Baby Rhino Celebrates Her Birthday at Monarto Safari Park 

July 24, 2021

Eshe the southern white rhinoceros calf at Monarto Safari Park has celebrated her first birthday this week.

Tiger Cubs Vaccinated Highland Wildlife Park

Amur Tiger Cubs Vaccinated at Highland Wildlife Park 

July 23, 2021

A trio of Amur tiger cubs born at Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland have received their first vaccinations during a health check.

Mountain Goat Kids Woodland Park Zoo

Mountain Goat Kid Born at Woodland Park Zoo 

July 23, 2021

A mountain goat kid has joined the family on Woodland Park Zoo’s Northern Trail Habitat. The kid was born on July 16th 2021.

Hippo Calf Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

After 3 Decades Hippo Calf Born at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo 

July 22, 2021

After 32 years staff at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo are celebrating the birth of a Nile hippo calf to mother Zambezi.

Toronto Zoo Tiger Cub

Toronto Zoo Tiger Cub Will Soon Have a Name 

July 20, 2021

An Amur tiger cub at the Toronto Zoo has announced a vote to name their tiger cub with the assistance of Giant Tiger.

Baby Crowned Lemur Newquay Zoo

Newquay Zoo Welcome Birth of Crowned Lemur 

July 18, 2021

Newquay Zoo in the United Kingdom have celebrated the birth of a crowned lemur infant which will spend the next few months clinging to mom.

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World Tiger Day 2021

International Tiger Day 2021 Celebrated at Zoos Worldwide 

Tulsa Zoo Tiger Cub

Tiger Cub is Talk of the Town at Tulsa Zoo 

Tiger Cubs Highland Wildlife Park

Names Announced for Tiger Cubs at Highland Wildlife Park 

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