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News and Updates

The Animal Facts news section brings you the latest updates on animals both in human care and in the wild.

brookfield zoo livestreams

Brookfield Zoo Relaunch “Bringing the Zoo to You” Livestreams 

January 2, 2021

As Brookfield Zoo once again face closure they will relaunch their livestreams on Facebook.

australia zoo alligator birthday

Australia Zoo Celebrate Alison Alligators 91st Birthday 

January 1, 2021

Australia Zoo have celebrated the 91st birthday of their American alligator Alison.

zoossa conservation wishes 2021

Zoos SA Reveal their Conservation Goals for 2021 

January 1, 2021

Zoos SA have revealed the conservation wishes they have for 2021 to help save species from extinction.

turaco chick at Woodland Park Zoo

After 3 Decades Woodland Park Zoo Hatch A Turaco 

December 31, 2020

36 years after they last hatched one the Woodland Park Zoo have hatched a red-crested turaco chick.

koala joey edinburgh zoo

Edinburgh Zoo Offer A Peak in the Pouch at Koala Joey 

December 31, 2020

A keeper at Edinburgh Zoo has captured a rare image of their koala joey developing in moms pouch.

spotted hyena cubs monarto safari park

Spotted Hyena Cubs Pass Health Check at Monarto 

December 30, 2020

A pair of spotted hyena cubs at Monarto Safari Park have undergone their first health check.

emu chicks Australian Reptile Park

Zoomie Loving Emu Chicks Arrive at Australian Reptile Park 

December 30, 2020

A pair of zoomie loving emu chicks are now on display at the Australian Reptile Park and ready to meet guests.

potter park zoo tiger move

Potter Park Zoo Tiger, Liya Departs For Her New Home 

December 29, 2020

Potter Park Zoo have said goodbye to Liya as the Amur tiger as she moves to a new home in hopes she will breed.

alligator nest raids Australian Reptile Park

Australian Reptile Park Staff Rescue Alligator Eggs 

December 28, 2020

Staff at the Australian Reptile Park have rescued alligator eggs from the upcoming warm weather.

maryland zoo chimpanzee

Vote Now! The Cutest Baby Animal of 2020 

December 27, 2020

Its time for the vote to determine the cutest baby animal featured on our site during 2020. Cast your vote now.

whites seahorse sea life sydney

Rare Footage of Baby Seahorses Being Born 

elvis the crocodile birthday

‘Australia’s Crankiest Crocodile’ Celebrates His Birthday 

fur seal pup taronga zoo

First Long-Nosed Seal Pup in 20 years born at Taronga 

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