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News and Updates

The Animal Facts news section brings you the latest updates on animals both in human care and in the wild.

panda cub smithsonian

Panda Cub Passes First Health Check at the Smithsonian 

September 15, 2020

Keepers have been able to complete the first health check on the Smithsonian Zoo's Panda Cub.

African savanna elephant

Maryland Zoo Trumpets Arrival of Elephant Live Cam 

September 15, 2020

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore has launched a new live camera allowing you to catch up with their elephants.

siamang cheyenne mountain zoo

Surprise Siamang Infant Born at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo 

September 14, 2020

A siamang gibbon at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has surprised staff by giving birth while on contraceptives.

Indian Rhino Calf West Midlands Safari Park

Adorable Rhino Calf is a First for UK Safari Park 

September 14, 2020

West Midlands Safari Park has welcomed the first Indian rhino calf in their 47 year history.

giraffe calf Fort Wayne Childrens Zoo

Tall New Arrival Spotted at Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo 

September 13, 2020

The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo has celebrated the safe arrival of a giraffe calf in to their herd.

California Condor Oregon 1

Oregon Zoo Move Endangered Condors From The Path of a Wildfire 

September 12, 2020

The Oregon Zoo has moved condors from their breeding program to avoid an oncoming wildfire.

siamese crocodile hatchlings Wildlife Conservation Society

Wildlife Conservation Society Release Pictures of Rare Crocodiles 

September 11, 2020

The Wildlife Conservation Society has released pictures of a group of rare Siamese crocodile hatchlings.

Snow leopard cub Brookfield

Brookfield Zoo’s Snow Leopard Cub Takes Her First Steps Outside 

September 10, 2020

Ahava the snow leopard cub at Brookfield Zoo has stepped in to her outside exhibit to explore for the 1st time.

gorilla infant audubon

Audubon Zoo Celebrates Gorilla Infants Safe Arrival 

September 9, 2020

Audubon Zoo has celebrated the safe arrival of a western lowland gorilla infant to their family.

chimpanzee party Monarto

Chimpanzee Family Celebrate A Birthday at Monarto Safari Park 

September 8, 2020

The chimpanzee family at Monarto Safari Park have celebrated the birthday of their youngest member.

Monarto Safari Park Rhino Named

Monarto Safari Park Announce Name for Rhino Calf 

tree kangaroo encounter Australian reptile park

Australian Reptile Park Launches Tree Kangaroo Encounter 

Australian sea lion pup Taronga Zoo Sydney

Sea-Lion Pup Splashes in to Taronga Zoo Sydney Family 

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