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The Wilds Celebrate Birth of their 22nd Giraffe Calf 

Giraffe Calf Born at the Wilds

August 19, 2023

The Wilds are celebrating the birth of a giraffe calf. This is the 22nd giraffe born at the conservation centre as part of breeding efforts.

Rocket the Wallaby Soars Towards a Wild Life at Aussie Ark 

Rocket the rock wallaby at Aussie Ark

August 18, 2023

Rocket the rock wallaby has taken the next step in his journey from being hand-reared to life in the wild.

Monarto Safari Park Welcome Baby Lion to their Pride 

Monarto Safari Park Lion Cub

August 18, 2023

Monarto Safari Park have celebrated the birth of an African lion cub to first time mother, Makena on August 12 2023.

Meerkat Mob Multiplies with Six Pups at Taronga Western Plains Zoo 

Meerkat Pups at Taronga Western Plains Zoo

August 18, 2023

Six meerkat pups have joined the mob at Taronga Western Plains Zoo having been born to mother Midra in early August.

Woodland Park Zoo Farwell Their Only Male Malayan Tapir 

Malayan Tapir Bintang Passes Away at Woodland Park Zoo

August 17, 2023

Woodland Park Zoo have farewelled their only male Malayan Tapir, Bintang at the age of twenty three years old.

Kiri The Rhino Celebrates Her Birthday at Marwell Zoo 

Rhino Birthday at Marwell Zoo

August 16, 2023

Kiri, a southern white rhinoceros living at the Marwell Zoo in England has celebrated her 37th birthday with a cake.

Yang Guang the Giant Panda Celebrates His Final Birthday at Edinburgh Zoo 

August 15, 2023

Yang Guang the giant panda has celebrated his final birthday in Edinburgh before he returns to China in the near future.

Burmese Brown Tortoises Hatch in a First for San Antonio Zoo 

Burmese Brown Tortoise Hatchlings at San Antonio Zoo

August 12, 2023

San Antonio Zoo have celebrated the hatching of twenty two Burmese brown tortoises. This is the first hatching of the endangered species at the zoo.

Zoo Atlanta Mourn the Passing of Sumatran Orangutan Biji 

Sumatran Orangutan Passes Away at Zoo Atlanta

August 11, 2023

Zoo Atlanta are mourning the passing of one of the founding members of their Sumatran orangutan family, Biji.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park Announce Elephant Valley as New Habitat for 2025 

Elephant Valley at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

August 11, 2023

San Diego Zoo Safari Park have announced renovations for their elephant exhibit which will open during 2025.

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