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The Animal Facts news section brings you the latest updates on animals both in human care and in the wild. We publish our favorite story from the world's zoos here each day. We also bring you a range of additional stories through our facebook and twitter page as part of our news alerts service.

Record Breaking Year at Belfast Zoo

Belfast Zoo Welcome Record Visitor Numbers 

April 14, 2022

Belfast Zoo welcomed their highest visitor numbers in a decade during 2021 spurred by a range of successes in their breeding programs.

Western Swamp Tortoise Hatchlings Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide Zoo Hatch Endangered Western Swamp Tortoises 

April 14, 2022

Adelaide Zoo have introduced a number of endangered western swamp tortoises which recently hatched at the zoo.

Easter at ZSL

Animals Celebrate Easter at ZSLs Zoos 

April 13, 2022

The animals at ZSL London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo have enjoyed special Easter treats prepared by their keepers.

Orphaned Mountain Lion at Oakland Zoo

Orphaned Cougar Cub Adopted by Oakland Zoo 

April 13, 2022

Oakland Zoo have taken in an orphaned cougar which was found close to death after a five day search across a nearby forest.

Zebra Foal at Taronga Western Plains Zoo

April 12, 2022

Taronga Western Plains Zoo have introduced a zebra foal which was born in to their herd in time for school holidays on April 3rd.

Gorilla Bronze Statue Taronga Zoo Sydney

Taronga Zoo Unveil “World’s Largest Bronze Gorilla Statue” 

April 12, 2022

Taronga Zoo Sydney have unveiled the world’s largest bronze gorilla statue as they become home to the third iteration of the artwork.

Cotton Top Tamarin Infant Idaho Falls Zoo

Cotton-Top Tamarin Born at Idaho Falls Zoo 

April 11, 2022

The Idaho Falls Zoo have welcomed a cotton-top tamarin infant in to their family which has been named Ash by keepers.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Black Bear Passes Away

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Farewell Elderly Black Bear 

April 10, 2022

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo have farewelled their Asiatic black Honey after a short illness. She was the oldest Asiatic black bear in a US zoo.

Meerkat Pup Reid Park Zoo

Mini Meerkats Emerge at the Reid Park Zoo 

April 9, 2022

Twin meerkat pups born at the Reid Park Zoo recently have taken their first adventures out in to the main habitat.

Regal Jumping Spiders Arrive at ZSL London Zoo

Jumping Spiders Jump in to ZSL London Zoo Family 

April 8, 2022

ZSL London Zoo have welcomed a group of adorable regal jumping spiders which will help people overcome fears of spiders.

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