Oklahoma City Zoo welcomes a baby gorilla


Oklahoma city zoo has a gorgeous gorilla baby which was born on March 24 at 10.33am. For 29 year old mother Emily this is her fifth child but more exciting is that this is the first baby born at the zoo this year. The father is Togo who has only had one infant before.

““Emily appears to be doing well and is very attentive to her infant,” said Laura Bottaro, Zoo curator. “Mom and baby are bonding but should be on view during normal Zoo hours.”

This is a second generation baby for the Oklahoma City Zoo with Emily have being born there in 1985. She will turn 30 at the end of April.


“This birth is a positive addition to Emily and Togo’s troop and reinforces the Zoo’s commitment to the conservation of this critically endangered species,” said Dr. Dwight Lawson, Zoo Executive Director/CEO. “It’s great for the Oklahoma City community to be a part of saving these animals.”

Gorilla mothers share many similarities with humans. The infant is born after a 9 month gestation. They do grow at twice the rate of a human baby though. By three months old this youngster, whose sex is unknown, will be crawling and riding around on mum’s back. At two years old they are getting independent and ready to leave mum.

Western Lowland Gorillas are managed in captivity as part of a Species Survival Plan which maintains genetic viability in the population of gorillas held by zoos. This breeding project is an important part of saving this endangered species from the destruction of their habitat and illegal hunting.

Photo Credits: Oklahoma City Zoo

By Cale Russell

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