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Oregon Zoo Break Condor Breeding Record

Posted By : The Animal Facts Editorial Team

Date: June 16, 2021 12:25 pm

Condor Chick Oregon

One of the California condor chicks is seen in its nest at the Oregon Zoo

Photo Credit: Oregon Zoo

Oregon Zoo have celebrated a record breaking year in their conservation efforts for the California condor with 10 chicks currently in the nests at the Oregon Zoo's Jonsson Center for Wildlife Conservation. This is the largest number of chicks in their 18 year breeding program.

The last chick for the season hatched on May 22 to mother no. 174 and her mate no. 491.

"We have more chicks than ever this year, which is fantastic news for the recovery effort," said Kelli Walker, the zoo's lead condor keeper. "It's a significant step forward for this critically endangered species."

Less than 500 California condors remain in the wild. These animals will be part of a release program for their species.

They will remain at the conservation center for eight months before moving to a pre-release pen where they will spend the next year. They will then be released and join wild condors in California and Arizona.

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California condors were included on the original 1973 Endangered Species Act and are still considered critically endangered today. Their numbers have increased from only 22 individuals in 1982 through conservation efforts.

Since 2003 Oregon Zoo have bred 80 chicks with over 50 of these having been released in to the wild.

Their breeding program is conducted at the Jonsson Center for Wildlife Conservation which is located in rural Clackamas County. This remote facility ensures the condors have minimal interaction with humans and gives them the best chance to survive in the wild.

California Condor Oregon 1

An adult California condor is pictured at the Oregon Zoo

Photo Credit: Oregon Zoo

Learn more about California Condors here – California Condor Fact File | The Animal Facts

Learn more about the Oregon Zoo on their website – Oregon Zoo

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