A pair of Stripy stars makes their debut at Como Park Zoo

A pair of zebras has been born at Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. One of them was born overnight last Saturday and the other one was born on July 27th.

The newest addition to the Como Zoo family was up and about by the time he was found on Sunday walking strongly and acting as a second shadow for his mum.

Senior Keeper, Allison Jungheim said that, “Thelma was getting very big, we knew it was a matter of days before her baby would make its appearance.” They were even more excited that there “were no complications and mother and baby appear to be doing great.”

como park

There were also no complications with the birth of the 1 ½ month old foal who has now been named Melee. She was born to mum Minnie and dad Ulysses who is also the dad of the new foal.

Currently the baby is a brown, fluffy bundle of joy who lives in the kudu and zebra exhibit. Within the next 9-18 months they will turn to the characteristic black. The zebras at Como Zoo are Grants zebras which come from savannah grasslands in Kenya and Ethiopia.

Photo Credit: Como Zoo



By Cale Russell

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